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2016 Summer Site Office Hours

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Summer Office Hours begin Monday, July 18th: 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Closed Fridays: June 17th, July 22nd and July 29th

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Digital Media Prod: 4
Instructor: Gregory   

OBJECTIVEá-áá Students will explore a wide array of digital media creation and delivery techniques. áStudents will be exposed to generally accepted journalistic practices and ethics, along with acquiriing skills in modern methods of digital media creation.ááThis is a leadership class, and students are required to maintain a very high standard of citizenship, responsibility and performance in this class.


áááá During the first semester of this class, we will be concentrating on some basic skills (Word, Powerpoint, Keyboarding, Graphics, Photoshop, Photography, Audio/Video and journalism skills. áMost assignments will be individual projects, with some small group projects as well.á Grading will be based on completing all assignments, and the quality of the work.á Group assignments will be graded as a group.á Learning to work as a group is a very important component of this class. At the beginning of the semester, we will begin a year-long project for photography. áThis will be due at the end of the year, but students should NOTáwait until the last months of school to start it.

ááá As we move into the second semester for this class, grading will be shifting from project-based grades to productivity-based grading.ááThere will still be some individual projects for points, but much of the semester will revolve around producing a variety of media for electronic publication. áStudents will be rotating among groups and will be following the leadership of an editor.á ALL students will be responsible for their part of the production, absent or notáHard deadlines will apply, absent or not, so students who are going to be absent need to make sure they have their part taken care of by the deadlines.á The photography project should be well underway by March, and it will be due the end of May.


1.á If students have their own cameras, they are welcome toáuse them in class.ááIt will help because we do not have a class set of cameras.áá

2.á Class cameras and other equipment is checked out, andáSome students have used iPhones successfully, but others have had trouble.áá

3.á Unfortunately, we cannot allow USB drives for bringing files to school, due to virus issues for our network.áááFiles brought from home will need to be put on a CD to be transferred to school.ááá

4.ááWe go through a LOT ofáprinter paper -ádonations ofáreams would be appreciated.

5.áááStudents are expected to photojournalistically cover all school events. áSome are outside of school hours.á áAll students are expected to take at least THREE after-hours assignment.ááYour cooperation is very much appreciated.

6.á This is a leadership class. áStudents are expected to be on their best behavior as they move independently around campus, and in class.ááUse of the computers is to be for assignments only, and not any inappropriate internet use.á Students who do not show this responsibility will be removed from activities and or the class.á
Extra Credit Available
For any student who would like a challenge and/or extra points to raise their grades or make up for a missing assignment, there are extra credit opportunities in Digital Media. Students can ask me and I will give them three different options. Here's a chance to make up for any missed hard deadlines in your production groups! Extra Credit Projects take TIME. Don't wait until the last 2 weeks to start!
Second Semester Production groups will be starting in a few weeks! This is different from the individual assignments students have done up to this point. Groups will be chosen at random and will be responsible for two of the productions at a time. This is a leadership class and we are responsible for the media productions for the website. Just like Student Council and Yearbook have deadlines, so do we. All productions will have HARD DEADLINES - Late work will receive UP TO 50% only. Students will need to work together to be able to meet their deadlines. This teamwork is an important part of the learning process in this class. Elements Projects will have NO LATE WORK. Please look for the information sheet your child will bring home to be signed.
Projects: Over the course of the year, students will create, or participate in creating.
1. Individual assignments that are designed to give them foundational skills
2. Creation of an online Mesa View E-zine
3. Maintain a weekly campus video news program
4. Creation of a weekly podcast of general interest
5. Creation of a digital photography portfolio
6. Creation of a digital video portfolio for campus use

MISSING ASSIGNMENTS: Foundational assignments need to be done in a timely manner. Late work will be accepted for these assignments.

Later, when hard deadlines are imposed for publicly published projects (Newscasts, videos, podcasts, E-zine etc), LATE WORK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR HARD DEADLINE PROJECTS. Each workgroup depends on the individual contribution and students who are forget, are not done, or are absent on submission deadline days will be severly marked down for everyone in the group. If you feel you will not be at school on a submission day, it is your resonsibility to arrange to get the work in. YOu may submit it early, or arrange to have someone else deliver it so your editor can function that day. You can call your editor, or email Ms. Gregory to arrange something.

Elements of Composition (photography)
Over the course of the first semester, we will discuss and apply different types of compositional elements to the photos we take for class. Students will begin a Powerpoint on which to showcase their photography as a portfolio as we learn about each of the elements. The Powerpoint skeleton will be due at the end of the first semester.
Second Semester, we will begin to check for the various elements, and their photo examples as they are added to the Powerpoint portfolio. Each due date will add more accountability to the project. For example: The first due date will only check to see that the powerpoint is finished. The second will be a finished powerpoint and 2 elements. The third will be all previous plus 2 more elements etc. Each checkpoint will be worth progressively more points, until the final checkpoint at the end of the year. Because of this, there will be NO LATE work allowed on the checkpoints. You either have it done or you don't. If you don't, it will be marked as a zero and the next checkpoint will be worth more points, lessening the impact of the missing grade.
Student may use their own cameras, borrow a school camera to be used on-campus, or use their phones. It is their responsibility to be able to upload the photos, as I cannot account for every type of camera possible. Most are able to do this with no problems. Many students have already started compiling their photos, don't wait until the end of the semester! Students may also use Photoshop in class to edit, crop or enhance their work before putting it into their portfolios. Final Due Date will be, Monday, June 1, 2015.
LOGO Programming Unit
All computer classes will be having a chance to learn coding (computer programming) in a language called LOGO. Learning to write in LOGO is a way to gain knowledge, skills and attitudes that transfer to other learning situations. Its a fun and graphics-based introduction and gives students an appreciation of the programming required to create the video games and apps they use on a regular basis.
The process of thinking through and writing a program, getting instant feedback by seeing if it worked (or failed to work) and going back to debug and refine the program you wrote is a valuable skill. It promotes self-confidence in problem solving that can be the foundation to working throgh complex problems in all areas of learning and is the gateway to learning other programming languages.
We will have an introductory unit and then 1-2 more complex units later this year. We will be using a free downloadable program called FMSLogo, and in the STEM component they will have the opportunity to use a similar program called Scratch (also free). We encourage students to play and experiment at home! Download the free software here.
Make-Up Work
   Students who are absent, for any reason, can make up work on their own in the library during lunch, before/after school.   They should be able to log into their profile on any computer on campus and use their free time to get their work done.  Sometimes, there is time in class, (for example if they finish another assignment early), and make up work can be worked on then.   I allow a reasonable amount of time for making up work.   After that, I will deduct points for being late.

  Student's grades will be based on accumulation of points earned on projects, evaluations and other assignments.  For the first quarter, most of the points earned will be for assignments.  After that time, assignments will still be required, but a major part of their grade will be based on their performance and participation in class (how well they work with others, meeting deadlines, productivity etc.).   All points are based on a percentage of possible points earned.

Check out Our Work!
Log into the School's homepage, and go to the left side to the Multimedia Link.  There you will find links to the podcasts and E-zine publications we have done recently.

Discussion Topics
Assignments Due
No "Assignments Due" exist(s)
 Logo Tutorials
To be used in class as needed for review.
 aElements of Photography Slideshow.ppsx
This is a powerpoint presentation on the elements of composition for your portfolio. You may watch/read as many times as needed to get the information you need. Refer to it often!
 Intro to Office 365.mp4
A video introduction to Office 365.
 My Hero Interview Directions.docx
These are the directions for the My Hero Interview you have in your folder at school.

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